If you're having trouble with OptionSpace, you've come to the right place. Below you'll find some common troubleshooting tips, as well as contact information for Team OptionSpace.



What version of Mac OS X® does OptionSpace work with? (Minimum Requirements)

OptionSpace supports Mac OS X 10.9 and above.

Does OptionSpace work on Microsoft® Windows® Operating System?

No, at this time there is no version of OptionSpace that works on Windows. Send us a note if you're interested in OptionSpace for Windows.

When I try to install OptionSpace I get an error message telling me that the version I'm trying to install is out of date.

You should download the latest version of OptionSpace from At Team OptionSpace, we believe in stability and security. In order to make sure that the version of OptionSpace you're using is not out-of-date with important fixes, OptionSpace will automatically check to see if you're installing a recent version. OptionSpace requires an internet connection to check, but the process is anonymous.


Can I change the keyboard shortcut that activates OptionSpace?

Yes! You can set a custom keyboard shortcut in OptionSpace's preferences. To access preferences, you can either use OptionSpace's status bar menu, or (while OptionSpace's search bar is showing), you can press Command-Comma.

What should I set Scanning Frequency to?

The scanning frequency should be fine on the default setting of 20 seconds for most users.

If your computer is older and you find OptionSpace taking up more resources than you like (usually not a problem), you can set OptionSpace to scan less often or only when necessary. This will mean sometimes OptionSpace is not up to date with the latest menu item changes. For many users this is fine.

Contrarily, if you want OptionSpace to always be up to date, you can set the frequency to scan more often.

OptionSpace is not working with [Application]!

Please let us know what application and what problems you're having, and we'll investigate. Of course, we don't have access to every version of every app, but we aim to have OptionSpace work with every app, so we appreciate your feedback.

How do I search through the status bar menu items?

Currently OptionSpace does not search through the status bar menu items, just through each regular app's main menu items. If this is a feature you would like to have, drop us a note!

Contact Team OptionSpace

Have a problem that's not addressed above? Drop us a note at and we'll investigate. Please include as many pertinent details as possible.

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